Chapter History

The Chesapeake Chapter

A Historical Perspective


The Chesapeake Chapter of Jack and Jill Of America, Incorporated was organized as a provisional group, in 1966 under the guidance of Regional Director, Mrs. Elizabeth Coefield.  The group, which was founded by Mary Brabble, Ruby Dupree, and Evelyn Williams, was known as the Lads and Lassies of Chesapeake.  The group remained in provisional group status for two years providing activities for the children and the community.

In 1968, the group was voted into membership with provisional chapter status during the national convention held in Washington, DC.  Dorothy Smith and Delores Jordan represented the group at this convention, serving as observers.

The chartering ceremony of the Chesapeake Chapter was held at the old Golden Triangle Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia.  The charter members of the Chesapeake Chapter:


Yancey Booker                        Louise Ford                                    Delores Jordan Purvis

Mary Brabble                                    Lillian Goode                                    Margie McDonald

Olivia Brown                                    Fannie Green                                    Theresa Macklin

Lillian Cannady                        Dorothy Harrison                        Francis Olds

Nettie Cassell                                    Elnora Hayslett                        Cecelia Perkins

Lillian Coker                                    Anna Hall                                    Dorothy Smith

Mary Corprew Scott                        Felecia Jackson                        Marion Blue Smith

Ruby Dupree                                    Clara Jones                                    Evelyn Williams

Gladys Scott                                    Hazel Tucker

The chapter has held various projects throughout the years, which have benefited the children of the group and the community educationally, culturally, civically, and socially under the capable leadership of the following presidents:


Dorothy Smith                                    1968-1973

Mary Brabble                                     1973-1975

Margie McDonald                             1975-1977

Dr. Mary Corprew Scott                    1977-1978

Norma Taliaferro                               1978-1981

Dr. Rose Ward                                   1981-1983

Connie Whitfield                                1983-1985

Dr. Bertha M. Escoffery                     1985-1987

Juanita Turner                                    1987-1989

Ingrid Miller                                       1989-1991

Dr. Denise Littleton                           1991-1993

Ann Sumler                                       1993-1995

Orgia Jackson                                    1995-1997

Dr. Margaret Morris                          1997-1999

Carolyn Lincoln                                1999-2000

Lori Hasty                                         2000-2003

Debra Wright                                    2003-2005

Tammy Jolley                                    2005-2006

Theresa Baker                                    2006-2008

Jan King Robinson                            2008-2010

Tyreese Hamilton                              2010-2012

Rosiland Brown                                2012-

These community activities have included the adoption of a needy family, providing food, clothing and participation of the family in chapter activities; public workshops on educational issues; voter registration drives; and contribution to several organizations, including the United Negro College Fund.

The Chesapeake Chapter hosted the 1979 Teen Conference, which had the theme “Display Your Image in the Mirror of Tomorrow” and the 1990 Virginia Cluster Workday.  We co-hosted the 1986 National Convention with other Hampton Roads chapters.  The chapter successfully hosted the 1997 Mothers’ Regional Conference, whose theme was “Sailing Into the 21st Century with Family Unity, Peace, Love and Hope.”  The weekend was memorable for all who attended. The chapter hosted the 2006 Virginia Cluster.

Since the Region’s inception of the “Distinguished Mother of the Year” Award, the following members have received recognition for their contributions to the chapter:

1987                        Bertha Taylor Morris, President

1988                        Juanita Turner, President

1989                        Nan Bogger, Program Director

1990                        Norma Taliferro, Past President/Comm. Chair

1991                        Ingrid Miller, President

1992                        Brenda King, Teen Sponsor

1993                        Gloria Saunders, Program Chairman

1994                        Theresa Baker, 25th Anniversary Chairman

1995                        Sandra Odom, Teen Sponsor

1996                        Dedra Carter, Program Chairman

1997                        Saundra Fenner-Eaddy, Regional Conference Chair

1998                        Mabel Johnson, Corresponding Secretary

1999                        Lori Hasty, Vice President

2000                        Sabrina Richards, Former Teen Advisor

2001                        Debra Wright, Vice President

2002                        Tammy Jolley, Program Chair

2003                        Jenise Bond, Teen Sponsor

2004                        Cherron Mitchell, Program Chair

2005                        Sharon Burchette, Program Chair

2006                        Theresa Baker, Cluster Chairperson

2007                        Jacquelin Kee, Treasurer

2008                        Benita Parks, Financial Secretary

2009                        Malessa Smith, Editor

2010                        Lavera Tolentino, Treasurer


2012                        Angie Perry,

The Chesapeake Chapter has served the organization regionally through members who have served as Regional Officers.  They are:

Mary Corprew-Scott, Secretary – Treasurer            1979 – 1981

Bertha Morris Escoffery, Foundation MAL            1987 – 1989

Ingrid Miller, Regional Director                        1991 – 1995


The Regional Advisory Board was formed fall of 2005 as a strategic plan to provide assistance and advisement to the Regional Director; Jenise B. Bond, Chesapeake Chapter member, was appointed to this board to represent the Virginia chapters in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

On the National level, Ingrid Miller, Chesapeake Chapter member, served as National President of the organization during 1996-98; Tammy Jolley, Chesapeake Chapter member, was an appointed member of the National Advisory Committee representing the Mid-Atlantic Region in 1999.

The members of the Chesapeake Chapter make every effort to provide creative and educational, yet fun activities for their children, always keeping in mind the motto of Jack and Jill – Let’s Work, Let’s Play, Let’s Live Together.